Anal Bleaching? To bleach or not to bleach..that is the question.

A woman receiving anal bleaching & vaginal bleaching treatments was a recent topic on the radio during my drive into work a few weeks ago. I have never heard of this and to tell you the truth I couldn’t stop laughing. Well a few minutes later a guy calls in and says that his company actually sells an at-home anal bleaching cream called Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream that is designed for the “love parts”. As funny as I thought this was…for some reason I was totally intrigued. When I got to work (hope my boss isn’t reading) I started researching this bleaching treatment online. I couldn’t believe how popular anal bleaching is! Apparently it is the “in” thing to do after getting a Brazilian wax and I started to feel like I was the only one not doing this! Why hadn’t my husband said something? He has opinions and advice on so many other things…but not this. Typical man!

I kept reading all of these blogs and reviews about the Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream so I found a place that carried it online and decided to go for it. Well the product definitely works. There’s no doubt about that! You would never realize how dark that area is until you start bleaching it. I don’t know if it is because of the lighter color or not…but I think I woke up my lady parts!!!! I feel so much sexier & younger! It’s crazy! For this reason, I am passing along positive reviews of my latest sinful shopping purchase to women (and men) everywhere…Anal Bleaching Cream!

I did a lot of research before I bought this and I found the Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream was the least expensive product with the best reviews. I found it at a couple of sites but ended up buying it at  When I ordered, they had free shipping and gave an extra discount if you bought 2 tubes at a time. I only bought one at first to try it. If you’re interested as I was go to and look it up.

The Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream is by far my strangest purchase I made in a long time. But I’m glad I found it. So to answer my own question of “to bleach or not to bleach”…for me, I’m definitely bleaching!  Happy Shopping!

Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream

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  1. Vigala bleaching cream has hydroquinone in it. It burns and is potentially cancerous. Try a more gentle solution without hydroquinone. i use Caspah anal bleaching cream

  2. Thanks for your comment! I did do a lot of researching on this product (and ingredients) before I purchased it. Many dermatologist recommend using bleaching agents with hydroquinone as a safer, effective alternative to lasers & surgery. In the U.S., products that contain 2% or less of hydroquinone are OTC items and readily available. I believe you need a prescription for anything over 4%? Not sure though. I can definitely say that the Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream worked & it never burned or irritated my skin. It didn’t feel any different than applying a daily moisturizer. But again, thank you for your comment & I’ll check out your recommended product too!

  3. I just started using a anal bleaching creme,and I’m pretty impressed with the results already too! Mine was also Hydroquinone,and I have not had any irritation or issues with it other then a slight tingle at first.

    Could you tell me how long you would leave yours on for and how often you used it? Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment! The Vigala directions recommended to put this product on at night before bed & leave it on all night. I guess the reasoning behind this was because you’re less likely to have a bowel movement when you’re sleeping. So when I use it, I keep it on all night & then just wash it off in the shower when I get up. I used to use this product every other day until I got to the color I wanted. Now I only use it maybe once or twice every other week. It’s really simple for me to maintain. Good luck!!

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