Good Customer Service? Yes, Please!

After starting to believe that good customer service is a myth, a fantasy, much like unicorns and free Coach bags…I finally experienced it!  And by “good customer service” I do not mean a person who simply says “hello” & doesn’t hang up on you…I mean a customer service representative who is not a fairy-tale sprite, but rather a real-life individual.

It is very ironic that I’m writing this post on the heels of my last two posts, since they are all now somewhat related.  Two posts ago I raved about a product I received from my overly grandchild obsessed mother-in-law as a cure for my eczema skin, called ZincKit.  Then for my last post I ranted about how difficult it is to find customer service agents or sales workers who actually care about the service they provide, let alone their jobs.  Well here is where I get to marry my posts together into one blissful unity…

A few weeks ago I placed an order online at for more of the ZincKit product.  Since my mother-in-law made me give her back the cream she lent to me, I had no other choice but to come out-of-pocket for my own health related problem.  I had no issues with placing my order online & because I am the perfect daughter-in-law, I opted for the extra kit so I could give one of them to her.  Racking up brownie points is always good since the daughter-in-law/mother-in-law controversy is a never-ending life battle.  As luck would have it, I quickly noticed when I received my order confirmation email from that I screwed up my shipping address.  Do you want to know what happens when you’re typing and your husband is talking incessantly to you about the Mets game?  You would enter the shortstops batting average for your house number…FYI.

In a frantic panic, I snapped at my husband and immediately blamed him for all the wrong-doings in the world.  I may have been slightly out of line, but what if they ship my order out right away to the wrong address?  What if I don’t get the product I so desperately want and neeeeed?  What if this mistake costs me my marriage?  Okay I may have exaggerated that last part, so sue me.  Anyways, I picked up the phone & dialed the toll-free number displayed on the website.  Ahhhhh…answering machine…they were closed for the night!  In desperation, I left what I thought was, a calm voicemail explaining my error.  However, my husband told me later that what I really sounded like was, “oh no, oh no, oh no, ahhhh, oh no, oh no, oh no, ahhhh”.  He never listens to anything I say, so I wasn’t too concerned.  Just in case though, I made a last ditched effort and sent an email to ZincKit, knowing that my email would most likely be lost in “cyberspace” like all of the other emails I have sent to online Companies in the past.  Needless to say, I did not sleep like a baby that night.  I was tossing & turning with visions of my credit card being charged and my package not arriving dancing in my head.

The next morning, I arrived at work with a double shot of espresso in hand, bags under my eyes and a down-to-business attitude.  The first items I needed to cross off my to-do list were “listen to voicemail” & “call ZincKit“.  I had one more message to speed through before moving onto my #1 goal for the day, when I discovered that I had a voicemail from ZincKit.  What?  Could it be?  An online Company ACTUALLY called me back??  I must be hallucinating.  I’ll drink more coffee.

I listened to the message 3 times in disbelief.  It just didn’t make sense.  I’ve been ordering online for years & never, ever had a phone call returned.  The customer service lady left the nicest, most professional message & informed me that they received my message.  However, because I was so insane when leaving them a voicemail & email, I left out the part of giving them my correct street address.  Not my brightest moment to date.  The woman on the other side of the recording told me that they are holding my order until I either call or email with my real shipping location.  To top it off, she thanked me for “choosing ZincKit and hoped that I had a wonderful day”.   How’s that for a joke! 

I was still in shock when I called the Company back.  I got my fingers ready to press 1 for english, 3 to inquire about an order status & 0 to speak to a customer service representative when a real-life “unicorn” answered and said “Good morning.  Thank you for calling ZincKit.  How can I help you today?”  I stuttered my response.  I must have sounded like an idiot but it was hard to convince myself that this was really happening.  I broke in and out of what seemed to be a dream sequence for the duration of my conversation.  I explained what had happened, gave them my correct shipping address, asked a few questions about the products and told them how I could not believe that I was talking to a person.  The girl I spoke to was absolutely delightful.  Professional, sincere, knowledgeable and the nicest sales person I have spoken to in a long time.  I was seconds away from asking her if she wanted to come to my Halloween party this year!  Peter Pan & Tinker Bell would be perfect costumes!

I went about my day in the happiest of moods.  While on cloud nine, I passionately told each person in my office about my HUGE dilemma and the amazing aftermath.  It was painfully obvious that I was much more into my story than my listeners were, but I didn’t care.  I just experienced something wonderful, something new, something not all of us would get to experience in their lifetime.  Later that day I received not one, but two emails from about my order.  The first one was written by the girl I spoke to on the phone.  She explained that my shipping address was corrected and updated in their system and that my order was scheduled to ship that day.  Again…unbelievable!  The second email was from directly and it gave me the tracking number for my package.  A typical email, but I was  impressed with how quick everything moved.  And to add a heaping spoonful of sugary topping to my story, I received my package within 2 days of this whole ordeal.   Amazing?  Yes, I know.

So the moral of my story:  Never stop believing, for fairy tales can come true.  A silver lining does exist.  Good things come to those who wait forever.  A leprechaun is sitting at the end of the rainbow waiting for you.  You just need to find the right Company to shop with!!  And I’ve found it!

Happy Shopping!


Is THAT What You Call Customer Service?

Am I, at 32 years old, already thinking, acting and talking like my parents did when I thought they were ancient?  At a younger age I remember saying to myself “they just don’t get it..they are soooo out of touch”.  Well I guess that I am, because I definitely “don’t get it” & I have to be “sooooo out of touch”, with the younger generation that is.

I wasn’t even going to write a post today, but earlier this morning I received the most unprofessional phone call and I couldn’t resist the urge to rant. 

At work I typically receive 6-7 calls per day from salesmen & women trying to persuade me into having my Company use their products and/or services.  I will not lie…I dread these phone calls and try my best to avoid them like the plague, often sending them directly into voicemail.  However, sometimes sales personnel can use their trickery and disguise their phone numbers and gain access to my ear. 

After my usual phone greeting of “hello, thank you for calling…this is…how can I help you?”, I was blasted by a harsh female response of “yeah, let me talk to the owner of da company”.  Knowing right at that instance that another saleswoman of the year had snuck passed my caller ID, I shook my head and politely asked for her name and company information, with the standard response of “May I ask who is calling & what this is in regards to?”  Apparently she did not hear me as her response was an abrupt “what”.  “May I ask who is calling & what this is in regards to?”, I repeated.  Again, I received the same response.  After trying to explain to the young lady (a term my father uses to describe any female under the age of 60) that I can not push a call through to our CEO without knowing the nature of the call, she mumbled her name & her Company name.  I asked for this information twice before giving up on trying to understand what she was saying.  As my final attempt, I asked if she was a current client of ours.  The response that I received was as follows: “Listen, I don’t know who you are and I am not looking to speak to you.  I asked to for da owner of da Company.  That’s who I need to speak to.  I have some printers for y’alls company at good price and he needs to buy them.  Now is he there or not?”

Naturally I did not let her call go any further than that.  My exchange with her was all I needed to black list her Company from ever doing business with my organization.  The frightening thing to me is that I receive several calls monthly that are very similar in nature to this one.  The calls can be from businesses that we currently work with, ones who want to work with us, ones that we want to work with, ones who are helping us, and ones who wish to be helped.  It does not matter the situation.  The foundation for horrible communication skills is still the same.

Of course incidents such as this one, are not just contained to the office setting.  How many times have you encountered a sales person at a department store who doesn’t care if you buy anything?  Or front desk clerk at a hotel who is annoyed at the fact that you are willing to pay for a room?  Or a waiter who makes it clear that the last thing they want to do is to serve you a meal?  So I wonder, have we drastically lowered our expectations of what good customer service is?  Are we now accepting rude behavior as a standard level of communication with the public?  Or are we simply raising a generation that has given up on caring about anybody but themselves?  Or am I just getting old?  Inquiring minds want to know (ironically, I believe that statement aged me well beyond my years).

What do you mean, Dry-Scalely Skin isn’t Hip this Season?

Adding to my, what seems to be an endless list of flaws, I can now “proudly” add severe dry skin with patches of Eczema.  Can I chalk my constant annoying beauty problems up to good genes?  Or am I just really that lucky of a person?

I can definitely say that I have had my share of dry skin throughout the years.  But it has always been easily fixed with a little help from my friends Bath & Body Works, Nivea & Jergens.  It wasn’t until this spring when I noticed that lotions, body butters, creams, exfoliators, masks, mud baths & every other hydration experience they’re selling out there just wasn’t cutting it anymore .  I started color coordinating my outfits to match my ashy knees & elbows, when 3 lovely circles of really dry skin popped up.  1 on the top of my foot, 1 on my shoulder, & 1 on my upper arm.  Needless to say, I was having trouble coming up with color combo’s for those.  Apparently, the scarlet fever-mumps fashion trend is completely dead.

In my attempt to stay fashionable, I went to the dermatologist with my 3 itchy circles in tow.  After trying to convince the doctor that it was definitely not me who scratched the top of my foot until it bled, but  rather a rabid racoon…I was given the diagnosis of Eczema.  Good news: it is not life-threatening.  Bad news: it’s totally not cute & chic.  My $30 co-pay got me a firm diagnosis & a hand-written script for something I didn’t want to fill.  Personally, I can not stand being on prescriptions, forking over money to Pfizer or Merk or whoever else is out there feeding on our bad health like barnacles.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t take something if my life was on the line…however, with a diagnosis such as this, I’ll turn to friends and to Google.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to go far for help.  My mother-in-law, of all people, FINALLY helped me out (instead of just begging for grandchildren over & over & over again)!  A year before me, she was diagnosed with Eczema & her patches were virtually identical in appearance, size & positioning to mine.  You know they always say that men marry women who remind them of their mothers!  Go figure.  Anyway, she showed me the product she used to treat the eczema & sent me home with it to try.  What an awesome score that was!  ZincKit is the name…and curing my eczema was the game!

Here’s the skinny on ZinKit:  My mother-in-law was told about this stuff from her girlfriend, who found the product online for her sister who suffers from Psoriasis.  The site is most appropriately called www.ZincKit.comZincKit sells both a cream & a spray to help your skin..they can be sold together or separately.  I guess ZincKit helps out with a bunch of skin problems like; eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea & dry skin.  Side Note: I actually had to give the ZincKit back to my mother-in-law (shocker!) because she uses the cream everyday, even though her eczema is gone.  She swears that it is the best moisturizer she has ever used.  She swears that her brownies are the best we’ll see. 

Back to my issue, or non-issue now…I used the ZincKit spray first because it stops the itching instantly.  Since I was scratching myself like a 4 year old with chicken pox, I decided this was the best course of action.  After using the spray, the itching went away within seconds & I was able to move onto the cream which cures the problem.  By the 3rd week, my itchy spots were all but gone (minus the one that had scabbed over due to my eagle-like claw marks).  Basically…I love the stuff!  And even though I hate to admit this…I just may take my mother-in-laws advice on using the cream everyday.  My skin feels soft like a baby.  And for my mother-in-law, that is as close to a grandchild that she is going to get right now!

So check out the site if you’re having some skin issues.  The site is really informative & it gives you all kinds of advice & background info on skin problems.  If you buy the cream & the spray together the cost is $24.95..but has a bunch of buy 2, get 1 free deals & the best part is they have FREE SHIPPING!  Sold!  The site did say that the spray can be used in your hair too if you have dandruff or dry scalp!  Seeing as I usually get that stunningly beautiful problem in the winter…I’ll let you all know how it works in a few more months!  Until then……..Happy Shopping!


3 Cheers for IGIA Instant Cover!

After months of searching, I finally found the most amazing cover cream! IGIA Instant Cover!

I never wear strapless dresses or tops because of a scar I have on my left shoulder that I’m beyond self conscience of. If I could go my whole life with wearing high backed dresses or capped sleeves, everything in my world of clothes would be just fine. Unfortunately, the luck of the Irish isn’t always on my side.

Next month I’m in my best friends wedding & honored to be her Matron-of-Honor. My lovely beautiful friend will be nothing but the most gorgeous bride on this side of the Mississippi. However, the chick standing next to her at the alter (me) will be fidgeting in the pale pink strapless gown that was chosen for her. If only I wasn’t busy the day the rest of the “demon” bridesmaids went dress shopping!!!

As soon as I got fitted for this torture chamber of a dress I began my search for a make-up that will cover my scar & stay put. My everyday make-up will not cover this scar because it is raised too high from my skin. I have tried a bunch of cover creams, cover sticks, liquid foundations, everything. Nothing works. I finally ended up turning to the Internet. I did a search for professional cover creams and stumbled upon a product called Instant Cover by IGIA or IGIA Instant Cover. I guess that Instant Cover used to be all over the television years ago..but I don’t remember it. Anyways…I read about this product & it says that it covers tattoo’s, acne, burns, blemishes, & most importantly for me…scars. I read a bunch of reviews for Instant Cover, some were bad but the majority of them were positive. So I decided to try it.

I ended up buying IGIA Instant Cover at a site called A lot of the other places that advertised having Instant Cover didn’t actually have Instant Cover for sale on their site. More like a “bait & switch” thing, if you ask me. But this site did have Instant Cover in stock..and to be honest, they have a bunch of other stuff that looks really interesting. I’m going to go back to this site soon and see what else they have that’s fun. offered this product for $14.95 (for a 5 piece Instant Cover Kit) and had free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

All I can say is that the torture dress I get to squeeze myself into next month is not going to be that torture some anymore. I received the Instant Cover I ordered within a few days and immediately tried it out. It is nothing short of a miracle for me. The medium color works the best for my skin tone, but you get 3 different shades with the Instant Cover Kit (Light, Medium & Dark). I absolutely love Instant Cover and for the first time, in a long time, can wear a strapless dress without constantly thinking that everyone in the room is staring at my shoulder. Now if only Instant Cover can make me lose 5 pounds so I could breathe in this bridesmaid dress, life would be grand!

Here’s the link to the IGIA Instant Cover that I purchased:

Happy Shopping!

IGIA Instant Cover

Anal Bleaching? To bleach or not to bleach..that is the question.

A woman receiving anal bleaching & vaginal bleaching treatments was a recent topic on the radio during my drive into work a few weeks ago. I have never heard of this and to tell you the truth I couldn’t stop laughing. Well a few minutes later a guy calls in and says that his company actually sells an at-home anal bleaching cream called Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream that is designed for the “love parts”. As funny as I thought this was…for some reason I was totally intrigued. When I got to work (hope my boss isn’t reading) I started researching this bleaching treatment online. I couldn’t believe how popular anal bleaching is! Apparently it is the “in” thing to do after getting a Brazilian wax and I started to feel like I was the only one not doing this! Why hadn’t my husband said something? He has opinions and advice on so many other things…but not this. Typical man!

I kept reading all of these blogs and reviews about the Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream so I found a place that carried it online and decided to go for it. Well the product definitely works. There’s no doubt about that! You would never realize how dark that area is until you start bleaching it. I don’t know if it is because of the lighter color or not…but I think I woke up my lady parts!!!! I feel so much sexier & younger! It’s crazy! For this reason, I am passing along positive reviews of my latest sinful shopping purchase to women (and men) everywhere…Anal Bleaching Cream!

I did a lot of research before I bought this and I found the Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream was the least expensive product with the best reviews. I found it at a couple of sites but ended up buying it at  When I ordered, they had free shipping and gave an extra discount if you bought 2 tubes at a time. I only bought one at first to try it. If you’re interested as I was go to and look it up.

The Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream is by far my strangest purchase I made in a long time. But I’m glad I found it. So to answer my own question of “to bleach or not to bleach”…for me, I’m definitely bleaching!  Happy Shopping!

Vigala Anal Bleaching Cream